Training in small businesses - where to get the money?


Training at the desired

The fact that well-chosen training is invaluable value for the whole company, its owner and the individual employees taking part in it, do not need to convince anyone. The thing that blocks the company from the SME sector in developing their competence is the high cost of such training, which is often beyond the financial capacity of small business. According to data from the Central Statistical Office, the cost of training for one employee is about 1100 zl. To this must be added the costs associated with diets and travel. Business owners can, however, use several solutions, which, if not reduce to zero, then at least substantially reduce the cost of training.

Training with the support of funds

First of all persons interested in carrying out various types of training at your company must keep track of the programs implemented within the framework of activities of the European Union. This type of aid actions associated with obtaining non-refundable support intended just for the organization and implementation of training.

Open training projects

In addition, there is a possibility to take part in an open training projects, participation in which is often subsidized by European funds, so that they become significantly cheaper. Of course, in this case the owner does not have a big influence on the same subject and content of the training, however, can of deals available in the market will be one that meets his expectations.

e-learning, alternative to traditional training

An alternative to traditional training is - increasingly popular - e-learning. Its cost is reduced by expenses related to logistics, such as. Rent the room to the place where the training takes place. The employee spends less time on such training. What should convince even the most ardent opponents it is the fact that during the on-line training to acquire the same skills and knowledge takes four times less time.

Support from the labor office

It is interested in the activities of the office work - also from this site is possible to obtain support in terms of training for workers, particularly those who have been referred to the company's by PUP. Labor offices throughout the country are ready for a partial refund training costs, which are sent by employers subordinates. To even be able to receive financial support from the job for training workers, the employer must submit the appropriate application. This is an option worthy of interest because the refund may be as much as 80 percent. costs incurred.

As you can see - there are many options. Enough good intentions and a bit of interest in what is happening around - it may be that a base is able to benefit from valuable training. Organizing your own course or installing a good system for e-learning is a good idea when the company is in good financial condition. Regardless of where the capital would come to training, the positive impact will feel the whole company.


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