How to start a business - one-man business or company?

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"I will open my own business" this sentence from which often all begins. From that moment to propel words into action usually it passes a lot of time. But when it's the moment, it turns out that before the next entrepreneur faces many challenges and choices. What form of taxation choose? Run a business in their own home or rent for that special office room? These types of questions are endless. However, one of the most important decisions we must take to start the business owner is how to start a business alone, or perhaps with a partner?

How to start a business available forms of business

How to start a business? Here you can find useful a brief analysis of the available forms of business. Polish law provides several options. The basic division concerns the ways in which the company is run by one owner, and the companies in which it is (usually) at least two partners in the business.

If you wonder how to start a business alone, it stands out the following forms:
  • activity recorded,
  • one-man company with o.o.
  • a one-person limited company.

  • In a situation where the future entrepreneur will work in a group and do not mind him sharing risks and profits with other owners may choose to:

  • a civil partnership,
  • general partnership,
  • a partnership company,
  • limited partnership,
  • company, joint-stock company,
  • company with o.o.
  • joint-stock company.

  • Each of these forms has of course its own advantages and disadvantages, and will work in slightly different circumstances. That is why it is extremely important to trace the exact options available and select the optimum solution that takes into account the needs arising from:

  • range opening activities,
  • risks that may be associated with her.
  • capital business.
  • It should also have regard to the tax consequences of binding with the decision.

    One-man business how to start a business without a partner?

    The most popular form of running a business in Poland is a one-man business. Strong interest in this solution is due to its simplicity both at the stage of setting, tax returns and management one-man business can benefit from many privileges and simplifications.

    How to start a business as a sole proprietor? Just to get an entry in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity (CEIDG) is used for this purpose printing CEIDG-1, which is also a notification to the tax office and ZUS.

    The advantages of one-man business:

  • simplicity in setting up,
  • low cost of the company's founding,
  • availability of all forms of taxation,
  • uncomplicated process of liquidation.
  • The disadvantages of sole proprietor:

  • responsibility of all its assets for the liabilities of the company,
  • inability to raise capital on the financial market, or by the inclusion of a partner.
  • How to start a company in the form of a company?

    The entrepreneur may also decide to start a company together with a partner. Here you can choose the form depends on many factors. What's more, each of the types of companies also carries other tax consequences.

    Partnership the simplest of the companies

    It should be stressed above all the fact that the company is none other than the agreement. In the case of civil variations partners agree to it strive to achieve common economic purpose by acting in a certain way, especially by making contributions. Importantly, the partnership has no legal personality, as its name always work partners, and is not an entrepreneur entrepreneurs are the people creating it, which must be registered to operate in the form of a communal activity records.


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