Savings in the company - where to start?


The old proverb says: "penny, and will Kokosz." The global economic crisis spawned saving. To favor returned preserves for the winter, popular second hand shops, events, during which participants exchange second-hand clothes and utensils of daily use, flea markets. Consider whether your company money is not thrown into the mud. Read and learn how to wisely save and where to look for savings in the company.

The most important thing is saving plan

At the beginning, think about what place you are. Thoroughly analyze costs and revenues of your company, make a table. On one side, place the fixed costs, such as salaries for employees, office rent; the other moving costs fuel bills, the cost of buying printer paper, etc.. Then guidelines target, determine how much and at what time you want to save. Make a plan of saving. Write down new rules and see them the rest of the staff.

Switch off the lights save energy

Saving for media sounds obvious, but often do not realize how much water and electricity we waste. First, please review your contracts with suppliers of electricity and gas, you may be able to find a better deal. Second, optimize the use of office equipment. Turn off the machine when not working, switch off the lights, turn the water off. During the heating do not do sauna, reasonable use of heating. Similarly, in the summer do not overdo it with air conditioning. Check windows and doors. If the heat escapes through them, seal them in winter, and in the long term, think about it, to be replaced. In the long run this will provide significant savings.

Take care of your employees do not save on them!

Well-paid, satisfied and growing employee is the biggest asset of the company. Remember that. Do not save on employees by adding tasks, working after hours, lowering the payments the long-term you will lose more.

Care for the environment and save money

Invest in energy efficient technologies. Choose e-invoices. Limit consumption of office supplies. If you need to print something, do it bilaterally. Use cheaper to operate laser printers.

Phones and Internet reduce bills

Choose the best offer. Many service providers offers special packages for companies, so that you reduce phone bills. By the way you should think about changing the conditions of use of the Internet. Ask the provider if you have some attractive promotion. Negotiate!

Move to the cloud

Instead of investing in the expansion of their IT infrastructure, use of cheaper and more efficient technologies cloud computingowych. Fall off the costs of maintaining and operating their own server.

Wpolpracuj and save

If possible, establish a cooperation with neighboring companies. Together you can use the option group purchasing, make large purchases, to share the cost of shipment and distribution channels.

Forewarned is forearmed

Insure office equipment. In case of failure you avoid high repair costs. Do not be discouraged by the fact that at the beginning of the savings associated with many investments. Act long-term. What matters is a permanent change, not a short summary profit. Radical cost cutting often have the opposite effect to that intended. Proceed carefully and do not panic.

Saving pays off!

The changes will result if you treat them seriously. It's not easy to get used to new solutions, but if you want to save, you have to show consistency. It is also important that employees know and understand the new rules. Talk to your team. Explain your vision. Introduce goal. Perhaps the staff suggested to you new ideas. Their involvement will make the saving will be more effective. You do not have to enter all the solutions at the same time the gradual realization of consecutive points saving plan can be of gamification, which will become more attractive and softer. Remember that discussed in the text saving is not caused by a sudden financial crisis in the company. Saving is here qualitative in nature, thought-out changes in the management of the company. When you manage to achieve the goal, use the savings to grow your business.


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