Easter-We Should Talk To Our Children Also About Death And Suffering

The topics of death or suffering are often very challenging for grownups to understand, and yet we are the ones who are responsible for teaching our children about these tough matters. Especially now with Easter, these difficult topics ask our attention In doing so, we should choose our words carefully because we don’t want to scare them, but we also don’t want to lie to them either.

The reality is everyone is going to die.  And sadly, at some point in your child’s life, they are going to be exposed to either a friend or a family member enduring a difficult or scary illness.  Hopefully, when that happens you won’t get caught off guard by the fully loaded questions your child is likely to ask like mine did recently.

My daughter is very aware of death because our extended family is in the funeral business.  However, up until recently, her understanding of death was that only old people die.  Or those who get into unfortunate accidents.


Be a One-Income Family – Are You Kidding?

No, we are not kidding!  It is possible to pare down to one income, even in today’s economy.  The fact is, more couples are relying on two incomes than ever to meet their monthly financial obligations.  Statistics reveal that nearly 79% of married couples today find both husband and wife holding down a job.  This has increased from 66% back in 1977.  However, even in the face of that fact, there is still the possibility to get by on one income.

As is often the case, life events pop up from time to time.  For example, you may have finally decided to start that family, decided to go back to school for some further education or are even facing a layoff.  If these or other situations suddenly happen, it can potentially force you and your partner to confront the very real possibility of going from a two to a one paycheck family.
Even though the odds are firmly stacked against you, essentially cutting your family income in half is not as scary as it may seem.  In fact, with thorough planning and a willingness to make cuts where necessary, it is definitely doable.  That being said, let’s take a closer look at some ideas that can get you on your way to becoming a one income family.

She Created Ripples In The Water

As we go through our daily lives we tend to focus on our own life, our own days, and our own loved ones. There’s nothing at all wrong with that, we focus on what’s in front of us. But the truth is that by going through our daily lives, pursuing our dreams or even just living our mundane lives we are creating ripples in the water of life that impact others in ways we cannot possibly see.

A young woman found a love of dance in her life, she had a passion to create a dance studio where all dancers would find encouragement, instruction and the joy of dance. She passionately believed that everyone should dance, even if they weren’t particularly talented at it because dancing brings our hearts joy. She knew that the lessons of dance go far beyond how to do the perfect pirouette, they teach self-discipline, they teach that things that seem impossible may actually be quite possible if we want them badly enough.

Why I Can’t Make It To The Gym Today…50 Excuses

The reasons why I can’t go to the gym today are obvious, I mean look at this list! I can’t possibly even think about going to the gym today, I just can’t! (You should totally feel free to borrow one or more of these ideas…you know… if you need them). So check out as well this vide that comes with even more silly excuses:

I can’t go to the gym today because…


5 Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Family

I have had a long time struggle with Valentine’s Day and the fact that the world, and the schools, seem to want us to include our kids in what was originally a romantic holiday. I get that really today it’s a pink and sparkly holiday and an excuse to eat chocolate–and I’m totally into any excuse to eat chocolate–but still, part of me struggles with the school parties and sending out Valentine’s to that one kid in class whose last name you don’t even know.

This year I think I’d like to try something different and just celebrate the fact that I love my kids, and they love me, and sometimes they even love each other (although those moments are rare!) So, with that in mind, here are some tips to turn Valentine’s Day into a family day!
This year, I’ll turn Valentine’s Day into an experience to remember rather than a secondary holiday for giving heart-shaped boxes of chocolate. It can be fun to get into the spirit of Valentine’s Day with those whom you admire most. Check out these ideas for special ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family. and in line with Christian principles.