About WAUC International Accreditation SCAM

This website does NOT promote WAUC, it only exists to make people aware of the possible danger of it being a scam. Please make sure you understand the American education system so you will not get scammed by the organizations such as WAUC International Accreditation was.

After starting American World University, a paper mill scam, Maxime Asher (who died in 2015) faced quite a few questions about the school’s standards. “I realized that everybody wanted accreditation, and we couldn’t get it from regional or national accreditation agencies,” she says. “They just weren’t doing it.”

So Ms. Asher found a solution. She created her own accreditor.

She and other organizers sent out letters to 500 universities in 1993, inviting them to a meeting in Zurich to discuss the new accrediting agency. Thirteen showed up and paid $2,000 each, she says, to become members of the World Association of Universities and Colleges (WAUC).

Her own, new, accreditation organization was born, the scheme was set up, and other universities selling mail-order degrees paid for ‘accreditation’ by the scam that the World Association of Universities and Colleges is. So, also if you earned your GED credential, DO NOT fall into this trap. Don’t waste your money!

The long list of scam diploma institutions is growing at an alarming rate. Please do some thorough research on scam accreditation before you sign up for any school or course. The international list for scam accrediting bodies is immensely long, but take a closer look at the following (mostly American) fake accreditation organizations:

FAKE accreditation organizations:

AAACE (American Association for Adult & Continuing Education)
AAHEA (American Association for Higher Education & Accreditation)
AAATI (American Accrediting Association of Theological Institutions)
AABC (Association of Accredited Bible Schools)
ACI (Accrediting Commission International)
ACOHE (Accreditation Council for Online Academia)
ACPCU (American Council of Private Colleges & Universities)
ACTDE (Accreditation Council for Distance Education)
ADLP (Association of Distance Learning Programs)
AOAA (Association for Online Academic Accreditation)
AOAE (Association for Online Academic Excellence)
AOE (Association for Online Excellence)
APCU (Association of Private Colleges & Universities)
APTEC (Accreditation Panel for Online Colleges & Universities)
BOUA (Board of Online Universities Accreditation)
CACA (Central American Council of Accreditation)
CDE (Council for Distance Education)
COHE (Council of Online Higher Education)
CSCCS (Central States Consortium of Colleges & Schools)
DOUAC (Distance & Online Universities Accreditation Council)
DLIAA (Distance Learning International Accreditation Association)
DLQAA (Distance Learning Quality Assurance Agency)
EABHE (European Accreditation Board of Higher Education)
GAB (Global Accreditation Bureau)
GACBE (Global Accreditation Council for Business Education)
GACDE (Global Accreditation Commission for Distance Education)
ICHE (In’l Commission for Higher Education)
IAAOE (Int’l Accreditation Agency for Online Education)
IAAOU (Int’l Accreditation Agency for Online Universities)
IAAOE (Int’l Accreditation Association for Online Education)
IAC (Int’l Accreditation Commission)
IACOU (Int’l Accreditation Commission for Online Universities)(Kingston)
IACOEI (Int’l Accreditation Commission for Online Educational Institutions)
IAO (Int’l Accreditation Organization)
ICE (Int’l Council on Education)
IEMAA (Int’l Education Ministry Accreditation Association)
IHLC (Int’l Higher Learning Commission)
IOEAB (Int’l Online Education Accrediting Board)
NADLA (North American Distance Learning Association)
NACHE (National Academic Higher Education Agency)
NHAE (National Academy of Higher Education)
NACB (National Accreditation & Certification Board)
NBOE (National Board of Education)
NCAC (National College Accreditation Council)
NCAS (National Commission of Accredited Schools)
NDLAC (National Distance Learning Accreditation Council)
NMAPEW (New Millennium Accrediting Partnership for Educators Worldwide)
OKOLA (Organization for Online Learning Accreditation)
TACI (Transworld Accrediting Commission International)
UCCAA (United Christian College Accreditation Association) (Divine Heart)
UNC (United Nations Council)
USDETCN (U.S. Distance Education & Training Council of Nevada)
UAC (Universal Accreditation Council)
UCOEA (Universal Council for Online Education Accreditation)
WAUC (World Association of Universities and Colleges)
WOEAC (World Online Education Accrediting Commission)
WWAC (World-Wide Accreditation Commission of Christian Educational Institutions
WHEAS (Worldwide Higher Education Accreditation Society)