Global Accreditation Bureau? Fake!

The Global Accreditation Bureau (GAB) states it is “a globally recognized accreditation body taking care of the standards and quality of education provided by online, traditional and distance learning institutions for working adults.” Beware though, this agency doesn’t exist anymore and if you see a school that has “GAB-accreditation,” be warned! So the Global Accreditation Bureau? Fake! Take also a look at this GetEducated video on how to see if an online college is fraudulent or not:

Over the years, GAB has been functioning worldwide, providing accreditation status to institutions after “proper evaluation and inspection”. The GAB says it is recognized by the Online Distance Learning Accreditation (ODLA) Association, another non-recognized and not respected or established “accreditation associations of academic institutions and accrediting agencies worldwide.” All a lot of nonsense! Check also: GED test Philadelphia

The first and foremost goal behind the development of GAB was to make students believe the organization was set up to enhance the quality standards of education, currently being provided to working adults. Till date, GAB has not been assessing and accrediting educational institutions and also not ” based on its predefined and proven evaluation methodologies.”

GAB states that “Based on a careful examination of the applicant institution, the evaluation faculty of GAB matches the institution’s standards against the predefined global standards.” Well, take care and don’t fall into this trap! There is NO final accreditation, and when the GAB says it “suggests improvements specifically targeted to working adult education”, it is only trying to steal your money. Check out this list of blacklisted colleges and universities across the U.S.

The mission of the Global Accreditation Bureau is to deceive. It says it will promote and uphold premium educational standards especially for online and distance learning education worldwide but nothing of the kind happens. This is a fake organization that tends to work as, as it claims “to work as a means for improving educational standards while working with quality education”. Just like fake WAUC Accreditation, this is All FAKE!

Some of the agency’s fake primary goals included the following (so they claim):

  • Develop and formulate norms for the smooth functioning of distance education institutions.
  • Render accreditation to institutions that meet our standard criteria. Well as we now know, this is just FRAUD, like WAUC accreditation is fraudulent.
  • Encourage the adoption of sound educational standards and ethical business practices in distance education and independent learning fields.
  • Coordinate and work with the public, private, local, state and federal authorities at all levels in the development and exchange of information helpful to advance and uphold stable policies in the field of distance education.

The Global Accreditation Bureau (GAB) pretends it “has a set of predefined and proven educational standards that must be followed by all the applicant institutions.” Well, these standards are looking oh, so great, but in fact, it’s all a cover-up and when they say they are “designed as per the needs and requirements of working adults education and include each and every feature of any educational institution, its programs, areas of study, fee structure, learning schedule, the way of examining candidates, enrollment procedures etc.” they mean to say they just want to make you believe it’s all for real! Be sure not to end up with a fake diploma. Don’t get fooled!

The Global Accreditation Bureau (GAB) is as fake as it gets!

Now here’s some real information about accreditation and please don’t fall into the GAB trap!  The first and foremost goal of accreditation and recognition is to make ensure that programs offered by educational institutions meet pre-set standards in a satisfactory way and to sufficient levels. An accrediting agency is an organization that sets working standards for professional or educational degree programs, colleges, or universities and assesses whether these rigorous standards are met to a satisfactory level.

Educational or professional institutions that are recognized by and hold accreditation from a well-reputed accreditation agency ensure that their education is of the highest quality and that their degrees are accepted all across the world. Accreditation guarantees that these school’s educational standards are constantly monitored and not will be loosened or weakened, which additionally supports the academic institution’s recognition and credibility. For information on grants and scholarships, go to this post.

Whether the institution is based on traditional methods of study or it grants degrees online, every educational institution requires to be accredited by some regional or national accreditation body. For passing accreditation standards, educational institutions need to have specifically-defined educational standards and objectives and a well-defined overall mission.