How To Avoid Online Education Scams

This website is dedicated to those who have been victims of internet scams and to prevent that to happen to you. Here, we will review different kinds of products/services and tell you how to discover if they are legit or scams. So let’s go and look at how to avoid online education scams.

Before you enroll in an online course, be sure that your online college is properly accredited by an accreditation organization recognized by the Department of Education. But even if a school is accredited, be aware that the information doesn’t always have to be trustworthy:

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who have negative ambitions with on;y one GOAL and that is to scam you nearly to bankruptcy. The so-called GURUS are everywhere online, also in the education field, and you are not safe anywhere. That is the cold, hard truth about the online marketing and education world.

Did you know that 9 out of 10 people buying anything related to the marketing world online get scammed at some point? This is a huge number; therefore, on this page, we will outline some obvious ways to find out if a product or an online course is a scam or not. Our ambition is to help you and show you how to avoid these online scams.

Top 6 Ways to tell if an online school is a Scam

  • Contact – If the company or the educational institution can’t offer you a good way to get in contact with them, then you should stay away. Also, if you try to contact their support and don’t get a response of any kind, stop all your contact with the internet education gurus. Some of you will be in denial and continue to keep in touch with them, trying to prove that it’s not a scam. But again, please stop all of your contact with the person/company. Check also this post that lists blacklisted colleges and universities in the US.
  • Just a video – If you visit an education site and the first thing you see is just a video and nothing more, that is a BIG sign to run and keep away. What they do with these videos is force you to sit through the long sales video, and their job is to get you so convinced that you pull out your credit card and make a purchase for their course. Here, you have nothing to fall back to, no content, no links, no contacts, no nothing.
  • Money-back guarantee – If you see this kind of statement, then I advise you to stay away. Sure, it sounds good, but it’s just one of the education gurus’ tricks to get your money and nothing more. Keep away. One thing, though – if you use ClickBank, you may feel safer, as they have a 60% money-back rate. You can get a refund, and that is it. Interesting is also this post about WAUC, the World Association of Universities and Colleges. If you see the name of this so-called “accreditation agency”, you can be sure you’re dealing with FRAUD.
  • The usual upsells – This is when you just bought a course from an online school, everything feels wonderful and you are really excited to get started with it. Then, BOOM! Now, they convince you in a very clever way that in order for you to reach success online with the course or the product you just bought, that you now need to buy this upsell. They do it so well that you feel totally bound to buy it. You will go from paying just $7o for a course to having spent maybe over several hundreds of dollars?
  • Ridiculous statements – If you are promised to make $1,000 a day or more, simply stay away. Something like this doesn’t exist, and, of course, certainly not in the first month of your online career. Sure, you can achieve such results over time, but not for now. See also: The Risks of a Fake Diploma.
  • Overall things to watch out for – If the product our academic course page has fancy videos and pictures of people sitting in luxurious classrooms, in a Ferrari, or inside/outside a mansion, chances are that it’s a scam indeed. Do not let them fool you with their cool style, expensive school furniture, or beautiful smiles. The persons in this sort of videos are just hired actors/actresses paid by the internet gurus. Read also this post about American World University, One Big Scam!

We hope this information will help you to avoid education scams online and online scams in general. You have worked really hard and to end up with a worthless so-called “diploma” that isn’t worth the price of the paper it is printed on, would be disastrous, don’t you think? You can’t be careful enough. For example, also the “Global Accreditation Bureau” is FAKE!

We think it’s very important to go over the offered course and school firsts very detailed. Check what it is all about, how it looks, and how you feel about it. Please stay away from these online scams.