Let Your Religion Help You Become More Social

Blogs have been around for quite a while now.  What you’ll notice about the majority of them is that the focus is on the individual. It may be a good idea to let your religion help you become more social. There are blogs on:

  • being a mom
  • traversing through illness
  • making a home
  • music, art, hobbies
  • organizing
  • decorating
  • traveling

What you don’t find very often are blogs about fictional characters or religion. Believe me, I’ve searched the internet.  So why in Heaven’s name would I want to write a blog about my religious life and fictional characters when it seems like most people are drawn to the more personal.

Well, truly, I didn’t have a choice. My imagination has always been on overdrive.  I have been giving voice to God, trees, and animals and even vegetables for a very, very long time.  It seemed a perfect transition for me to take three sweet dolls and let their voices be heard.

As we grow older, we put away our toys ~ we become adults.  I’m not sure what that really means other than we get jobs to support ourselves and our families, providing food, values, and shelter.  But why do we have to put our toys away? Why do we have to quiet our imagination, forget our dreams?

When I bring the dolls to public events, my heart opens with such delight to see people get excited about them.  I watch the children, so inquisitive and the adults light up.  What a blessing for me to watch others smile.

My hope is that the blog will:

  • bring more smiles
  • reawaken imagination
  • inspire towards more mutual respect
  • encourage dreaming and religious awareness
  • believe in the unbelievable

We become so focused on surviving, on the what ifs and the sadness that is in the news, we forget to let go and believe in ourselves and life and play with abandon ~ like no one is watching and judging and, if they are, who cares.  We become so caught up in who we think we are, we forget who we are at our core.  Just by taking a few minutes to be with a young child as they talk to imaginary friends, their dolls, and even the family pet, you can see how we are truly all about love and imagination.

Here’s to looking beyond who we think we are!

Patti, Petie and I decided to do something different this holiday season. Now, some people might think what we’re doing is odd, but, for us, it feels like not just the best thing we can do, but the only thing.  Don’t get me wrong, when my Mom and Pop made the suggestion of us being Elves and help Santa give gifts to families that are experiencing a difficult time, we looked a bit quizzical.

Then, we did what we do a lot, we stopped and listened to our hearts.  Our hearts were saying giving is what we truly wanted to do.  And Petie got really excited. He had just read something in Neither Wolf Nor Dog written by Kent Nerburn that really confirmed the decision ~ “Can’t you see how much better it was when good people thought they should give, not that they get?”It’s not like I don’t want things ~ I do.  I’m pretty much always wanting stuff, but do I need anything?  No.  I have everything I need and that’s the difference.  There are so many who don’t have what they need, whether it’s clothes or food or even a place to live.  How very sad that is.

We wondered how we could help.  Synchronistically, my aunt sent a link to our Gmail account, and we learned about a program called Be An Elf.  Everyone knows that each year, Santa gets a gazillion letters from children.  Santa, Mrs. Claus, and all the Elves definitely need help answering those letters.  So, in many cities, Santa Workshops are set up by special people.  We were lucky enough to find one in Oakland where Brenda, Janet and Nina work.  They helped us find just the right two families ~ the ones that touched our hearts.

I was then deputized as one of Santa’s Elves and off to shopping I went.  But alas, I was in a car, not a sleigh with nine reindeer.

I bought clothes and toys and books to read and books to create in and gift coupon of WalMart.  As we were wrapping the gifts, we all hoped we would bring smiles and delight to these families.  What amazed us though was how big the smiles were on our faces and how full our hearts were, knowing that we just might be bringing a little light into someone’s life.   That’s where our gifts are this holiday season!

Here’s to us all having what we need!