List of WAUC-fake accredited schools (so watch out!)

diplomamills_thumbWAUC stands for World Association of Universities and Colleges. This scam organization was founded by Maxine Klein Asher in 1993 to make sure that her American World University (a diploma mill that could not get any sort of official accreditation) would get accredited anyway. .

WAUC does NOT hold any sort of recognition by the United States Department of Education, but continues to grant its fake accreditation to a number of (practically all) scam schools, such as Lacrosse University, Columbus University, and Berkeley International University (see below) that are seen as diploma mills by government regulators.

The following schools are listed on the new WAUC website as accredited by the organization:

WAUC accredited schools (so watch out):

American International University of Management and Technology
American World University
Atlantic National University
Cambridge State University
Columbus University
European University of Lefke
Freie Und Private Universtiate Sersi
Hegel International University
International University For Graduate Studies
International School of Management
Washington InterContinental University
Lacrosse University
Laureate University
Madison University
Novus University
Patent University of America
St. Clements University
Universal Church of the Master
Universidad Internacional De Las Américas
University of Global Religious Studies
University of Health Science
Universidad Central

There are also schools on the WAUC website that hold ‘member’ status:

Aiwa Medical College
Asia Pacific International Institute
Bio Resonance University
CA Hudson University
California Lakewood University
California University of Management Science
CMF International University
College of Japan Hypnotherapy
EuroAmerican University
Global Crown University
Horizons University
Institute of Business Administration and Information Systems
International Studies Academy
International University of America
International University of Kyrgyzstan
Mary Immaculate University
Naif Arab Academy for Security Sciences
New Arrow University
Nobel Institute
Pacific National University for Professional Studies
Sambros University Foundation
Southern Pacific University
St. Columbia University
The Business School of London
The College of Dona Ana

Scam organizations are often changing their names. This has always been the case. WAUC (the scam World Association of Universities and Colleges) has earlier also been associated with the name IAUC (the International Association of Universities and Colleges).

What’s also disturbing is that the main campus of New Mexico State University is located in Dona Ana County. The University runs also a community college called ‘Dona Ana Community College’, a well known and highly reputed school with locations throughout southern New Mexico. Please don’t confuse the school with the above listed and scam ‘College of Dona Ana’.

So please be aware of schemes – an example

The following is an example of how it works. The school is a scam, the accreditation organization is a scam, and the organizations associated with the school or the accreditation agency are scams.

Just check how detailed everything is set up with ‘Berkeley International University‘:

The website wants you to believe that:

“Berkeley Int’l University is truly an international university, preparing business leaders and academic professionals ….Berkeley International University’s on-campus programs ….. accredited by International University Accreditation, a highly respected private accrediting agency …..We could not be more proud …..”

on accreditation:
“International University Accreditation was formed …..raise the standard of Management Development & Continuing Higher Education……to improve the standards of Independent Educational Institutions…..”

WAUC (World Association of Universities and Colleges)
“Berkeley Int’l University has applied for WAUC accreditation …..WAUC is recognized by the Association Internationale Des Educateurs Pour La Paix Mondiale …..affiliated with UNCEF and UNESCO…..”

OIEC (Overseas International Education Centre)
“OIEC acts as …..for Berkeley International …..Berkeley Australia International … to the Asian region…..”

Affiliate Members…..
here follows a long list of fake international organizations, for example:
Hong Kong International Education Center (HKIEC), China
The Global Alliance for Transnational Education (GATE), UK
The Business Management Association (BMA), UK
Group Study Public Relations (GSPR), Indonesia
And so on …

So be warned: It all looks so real, but it is one BIG SCAM