A Strange Rule In School Examinations In New York City


New York City Department of Education in the United States banned the use of 50 words in the exam schools for all levels of education. This is done to minimize the potential for unpleasant emotions among the students. So read on to learn more about a strange rule in school examinations in New York City.

Some words are banned include birthday, dinosaur, Halloween, and dancing. As reported by the New York Post, the word dinosaur is prohibited because it could lead to evolution, and Halloween suggests paganism (not religious), and the word anniversary has the potential to create hostility among students who are not followers of the Jehovahs Witnesses to celebrate his birth.

In addition, the word poverty was also banned because it’s opposed to wealth, which led to some students feel excluded. The Department also forbids mention of the word divorce and disease.

This is done in order to avoid feelings of sadness among students who are separated from a loved one or who are suffering from illness. The words slavery and terrorism were also banned for being too scary.

Department officials explain that this ban shows it is sensitive to the condition of students in New York and their diversity. This is the standard language used by the publisher of exam questions for many years and allows students to complete a practical examination without interruption, said one spokesman for the Department of Education.

He reiterated this prohibition is not an attempt to censor. The officials said the ban does not apply absolute and is only included in particular cases. It is quoted from the Huffington Post, Tuesday. Meanwhile, Sy Fliegal, director of the Center for Educational Innovation, said their policy will not be affected. According to him, their exams will not affect students emotions.

If the Peterson family ‘goes on vacation for five days using a Mercedes, then what? Do you think our children would be offended because they do not have a Mercedes? You think the kids would say, I feel hurt, how could they ask questions about a Mercedes? Because I do not have a Mercedes! Explains Fliegal.