The Best Of 2018 Mom Style

The week between Christmas and New Year is not just a week for family goal planning, but it is also a week for reflection.  I’m not a big believer in harping on the things that didn’t go well.  Really, what good does it do to beat our failures to death?

Chances are, we’ve already learned our valuable lessons and moved on. So what I like to look back on are the wonderful things we saw, like the San Francisco Art Market last year. Those things are worth celebrating. Here’s the best of 2018 in my world. See also this great video “To All Those Who Mum – Mother’s Day 2018” video:

The Art of Marriage

In February, my husband and I attended a two-day weekend marriage retreat our church hosted. What an incredible weekend it was! We spent intentional time together focusing on our marriage, communicating about important topics in a loving way, and confirmed that we are still madly in love with each other. Every couple needs to take time away to check-in with each other and make sure their marriage is still on solid ground.

Personal Mommy Time and Spiritual Growth

This was a year full of opportunities for me to learn, grow, and be inspired in my faith. Not only did I find some fantastic faith inspiring websites like My Nuggets of Truth, Tuesdays with Jesus, and  Jesus and My Orange Juice, but I also discovered a few sites that continually encourage me to grow in my parenting and my writing, and be more social through my religion. But seriously, I can’t possibly name every website or blog that has blessed me in one way or another this year. There are simply too many to count.

During June I had so much fun teaching the Preschool age Bible stories for the week of Vacation Bible School at our church.  In July, I finally cashed in my birthday gift certificate for a body massage and manicure/pedicure at a local day spa.  Ahhh…so wonderful! Oh, and I can’t forget the very special Women’s Retreat I was blessed to attend in October with my awesome friends from my Thursday morning Bible study group.

Running Adventures

2018 was filled with quite a few running adventures.  In fact, I know for sure that I ran well over 220 miles just during the months of May through October. Aside from regular running workouts, I participated in 3 5K races locally and ran my very first half marathon.  What an amazing experience that was!

I’m so grateful to have a body that is healthy enough and able to endure the beating it takes from being an avid runner. Maybe in 2019, God will bring a fabulous female running partner into my life.  I’d love nothing more than to have someone to regularly run with. My daughters are too young and my hubby isn’t and never will be a runner.  It’s just not his thing. Let’s first see what we, as parents, should keep in mind during the holiday season. That matters!

Lots of Blessed Family Time

Our year may not have been filled with lots of employment opportunities presenting themselves, but we certainly enjoyed quality time as a family. (A silver lining for sure)

We watched proudly as Faith hopped through cheers from a mini-cheer camp the local high school cheerleaders hosted,  grinned with delight as she performed in her very first tap dance recital, clapped for her joyfully as she walked with her Daisy troop in the Memorial Day parade, and choked back tears as we kissed her and watched her step up into the big yellow school bus on the first day of 1st grade.

2018 also brought on potty training adventures…or should I say frustrations…as we introduced Abby to the toilet. After months of stubbornly refusing to be a “big girl,” I think we might finally be able to say she’s at least daytime potty trained.   YAY! I can’t wait to get rid of the Royal Potty once and for all. We also discovered our three-year-old is incredibly knowledgeable of the names of several dinosaurs and even knows whether or not they’re meat eaters or plant eaters. Who says TV is a bad thing? She didn’t learn that from me!

As a family, we’ve enjoyed lots of swimming, bike riding at the park, movie night on the beach with friends, animal parks, amusement parks, children’s museum visits, local festivals, a Southern California vacation courtesy of my awesome dad, breakfast with Santa, and a couple of really fun snowball fights.

An Answered Prayer

The past few years I’ve prayed for a very important person in my life to seek and find the Lord. I’ve asked God to bring someone into his life that would be a positive spiritual influence on him.  And I’ve prayed that the words of my blog would speak to his heart in profound ways.  I’m completely giddy and joyful to announce God has answered my prayers in the past few months. This amazing man who I’ve looked up to my entire life, willingly attended church with me and my family recently and is indeed opening his heart to the Lord. Because of a beautiful woman God has blessed him with, he is also happier now than I’ve ever seen him. Thank you, God!