The Risks of a Fake Diploma

Some people want to get a fake diploma for reasons of self-motivation and others will get them to get their children up and running. In the modern-day family setting, it is such that the father tries to do much better than his father did and the son tries to do better than his father and grandfather. Such is the story of Kendrick, who started savoring his first success in business when he hawked bar soap from one door to another in a small country town. So read on and learn more about the risks of a fake diploma.

When Kendrick dropped out of high school to go into business, he never considered that he would one day need a college diploma to back his claim for success and wealth, and that is how he became a fraud. 30 years back when he was young, the need for education was not as great as it is now and therefore, he did not want his two children to think that education was not important because if their father, their first role model, was already so successful without education, then they too would think that they would make it without completing their education.

Not only did Kendrick get a fake high school diploma, but he also got the fake college transcripts and boy, was that a shocker when his daughter saw them! From then on, it was like a race to beat each other in their schoolwork and to beat their dad. It had such a profound effect on Kendrick, it was so overwhelming that he felt that he had really earned the fake diploma (that is actually easy to recognize). And looking at his papers from close quarters you could not tell that they were fake because they had everything as you would find on the originals, including the colors and the watermarks.

Kendrick wanted a customized fake diploma, one that would suit what was offered back in his heydays, and that is what he got. He also wanted the diploma to display strengths in areas that he felt he wanted his children to improve. They did just that because the notion passed into their subconscious was that if my old man can do it? I can do it even better. Check out also this article about Blacklisted American Colleges and Universities.

The fact of the matter is that fake diplomas keep getting better and better and come as close to the real thing as possible. As Kendrick did with this, motivating his kids to achieve more at school, he feels that he could not have done that without a high school diploma. WAUC is also a fake accreditation agency used by American World University, a diploma mill that, fortunately, no longer exists.

Like this man’s story shows, no one’s self-esteem and respect are beyond salvage, especially where one’s children are concerned but getting a fake diploma isn’t a smart decision at all! Today, employers and educational institutions can tell right away if a diploma is real or fake. So to prevent Kendrick and his children from shaming and naming, he should have known better. Let this be a wake-up call.