What’s America’s Dropout Crisis

Twenty percent of high school students do not graduate with their class. Usually, they drop out before the high school exams. In New York State, for example, 8% of all students who resigned from high school and similar things occur in other states. These students still have a chance to get their diploma, however, if they pass the GED test, or in New York, the TASC exam. So let’s take a closer look at what’s America’s dropout crisis.

Preparing for the GED or the TASC test is time-consuming. This likely means you’re spending a lot of time searching for GED/TASC resources. The good thing today is that there are several websites that offer free preparation to these students. These websites offer free resources and are a popular choice for students who want to pass the GED or TASC and don’t want to spend money on the prep materials. For example,  you can use online classes and free practice tests for the GED or TASC on bestgedclasses.org.

Why GED and TASC exams matter

The GED certificate or diploma is the equivalency to a high school diploma, just like the TASC leads to an equivalent degree. Going back to school to prepare for the GED test is for many people a real obstacle, though, especially because the renewed GED test and the TASC exam require computer skills.

Although there are many free GED/TASC prep in community adults education centers, many working adults can´t find time to attend classes.

Your GED diploma opens doors of institutions of higher learning. Marilyn M., one of the students, said:

“Going to college doesn’t have to be a dream anymore.  I know that the GED/TASC diploma will open doors of colleges and universities. This will definitely help me obtain a well-paying job.

Overall, my self-image will be improved now I am going to start this road to get my GED.  I don’t want to feel left behind because those around me have a GED or a high school diploma.  I am going to work on getting my GED and know that dropping out of school doesn’t have to close doors permanently in my life.  

Earning the GED will show me how much I can achieve.  I know that it is the mission of BestGEDClasses.org to ‘help prospective GED students realize their goals by providing information that will help us in passing the GED exam’.  Therefore, achieving my GED will earn me a sense of pride and accomplishment and I know that this course will help me reach it. So, let’s get started!”

Dropout Crisis Facts

  • Each year we see almost one million students in America that do not graduate from high school with their class
  • Twenty percent of all American students leave school early: The Dropout Crisis
  • In eleven states the graduation rate for white students is around ninety percent
  • The average graduation rate for non-white students is not even 68 percent
  • When in every state just one thousand dropouts would have graduated from high school, they would have generated a total of over $650 million in extra earnings every year
  • In 2016, they would have been spending more than $60 million on buying vehicles alone, and all through their careers, they would have been spending billions more on homes than without a high school diploma


Like in all states, the demand for well-trained employees is increasing but, usually, applicants need to hold a high school or equivalent degree. The chance that people with a high school diploma will find a good job is much higher than those without a high school diploma and high school graduates are making higher incomes.