Why I Can’t Make It To The Gym Today…50 Excuses

The reasons why I can’t go to the gym today are obvious, I mean look at this list! I can’t possibly even think about going to the gym today, I just can’t! (You should totally feel free to borrow one or more of these ideas…you know… if you need them). So check out as well this vide that comes with even more silly excuses:

I can’t go to the gym today because…

1. I’m tired
2. If I work out I’ll be tired later
3. I have too much to do
4. I am enjoying doing nothing
5. I want to take a nap
6. I accidentally took a nap
7. I didn’t eat healthy today—there’s no point in working out if I’m not going to eat healthy
8. I ate healthy today, so that means I can skip working out today
9. I’m having a good hair today so I don’t want to get all sweaty
10. I’m having a really bad hair day today
11. I don’t have a workout buddy
12. I don’t want to risk seeing someone I know at the gym
13. There’s no one I know at the gym
14. I’m too fat
15. I don’t have anything to wear
16. I need new shoes but our income doesn’t allow for that
17. I need new workout clothes
18. The gym is too far away
19. The gym is too close to home
20. I skipped yesterday and I don’t want them to ask me where I was
21. I just found a great Netflix series to binge
22. I just finished an exhaustive Netflix binge
23. My kids have activities I need to take them to
24. My kids have no activities so I’m enjoying the evening off from running
25. I have a pimple
26. I don’t want to sweat and get pimples
27. I’m on my period
28. I have cramps
29. I just finished my period
30. There are so many germs at the gym
31. I ate the chocolate I got at Valentine’s Day
32. I worked out yesterday and I’m sore
33. I don’t want to be sore tomorrow
34. It’s too cold outside for this project
35. It’s too hot outside for this project
36. After I work out I’m always hungry, I don’t want to overeat and gain weight
37. That super fit woman will probably be there and I don’t want her to work-out next to me…again.
38. I’m trying to embrace my body image, I love myself the way I am
39. There are too many mirrors at the gym
40. I don’t want to have to shower and get ready a second time today
41. I didn’t shower today
42. I just ate
43. I’m hungry
44. I refuse to bow to the societal demands that I work to become thinner
45. I don’t want to
46. My workout buddy canceled on me
47. My workout buddy lost more weight than I did last week
48. I gained two pounds this week
49. I lost two pounds this week
50. Ice Cream