Blacklisted Universities and Colleges USA

what-under-surface-horrors-await-you-when-you-choose-a-diploma-millEducation is BIG business, so many con artists set up schemes to steal your hard-earned dollars.

The fake documents issued by the institutions included in the list will not even be worth the paper they are printed on. Check out this list of blacklisted Universities and Colleges in America. Wouldn’t it be a shame that after studying so hard to pass the CLEP Test, you’d end up with a worthless diploma?

The listed schools are not recognized by any official U.S. accreditation agency and they do not have the authority or right to issue degree certificates. They issue fake degrees. University will also appear on this blacklist if they are involved in some other kind of fraud.

These Black-Listed U.S. Universities and Colleges are not recognized nor properly accredited. The good news is that over the past years some unaccredited and highly questionable universities were forced to close their doors. For example:


How To Avoid Online Education Scams

This website is dedicated to those who have been victims of internet scams and to prevent that to happen to you. Here, we will review different kinds of products/services and tell you how to discover if they are legit or scams.

Before you enroll in an online course, be sure that your online college is properly accredited by an accreditation organization recognized by the Department of Education. But even if a school is accredited, be aware that the information doesn’t always have to be trustworthy:

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who have negative ambitions with on;y one GOAL and that is to scam you nearly to bankruptcy. The so-called GURUS are everywhere online, also in the education field, and you are not safe anywhere. That is the cold, hard truth about the online marketing and education world.

Did you know that 9 out of 10 people buying anything related to the marketing world online get scammed at some point? This is a huge number; therefore, on this page, we will outline some obvious ways to find out if a product or an online course is a scam or not. Our ambition is to help you and show you how to avoid these online scams.


What’s the America’s dropout crisis

Twenty percent of high school students do not graduate with their class, usually, they drop during the high school exams for example 8% of all students who resigned from the high school in NY. That’s also the case in other states. These students have a chance to get their Diploma by passing the GED or TASC exams.

Preparing for the GED test is time-consuming. This likely means you’re spending a lot of time searching for GED tests and resources. So should you be free of payment websites?
These websites offering free resources are a popular choice for students who want to pass the GED and don’t want to spend money on the prep materials. For example,  you can use free practice test and online classes for the GED or TASC on

Why GED and TASC exams matter


Global Accreditation Bureau? Fake!

The Global Accreditation Bureau (GAB) states it is “a globally recognized accreditation body taking care of the standards and quality of education provided by online, traditional and distance learning institutions for working adults.” Beware though, this agency doesn’t exist anymore and if you see a school that has “GAB-accreditation,” be warned! Take also a look at this GetEducated video on how to see if an online college is fraudulent or not:

Over the years, GAB has been functioning worldwide, providing accreditation status to institutions after “proper evaluation and inspection”. The GAB says it is recognized by the Online Distance Learning Accreditation (ODLA) Association, another non-recognized and not respected or established “accreditation associations of academic institutions and accrediting agencies worldwide.” All a lot of nonsense!

The first and foremost goal behind the development of GAB was to make students believe the organization was set up to enhance the quality standards of education, currently being provided to working adults. Till date, GAB has not been assessing and accrediting educational institutions and also not ” based on its predefined and proven evaluation methodologies.”


The Risks of a Fake Diploma

Some people want to get a fake diploma for reasons of self-motivation and others will get them to get their children up and running. In the modern-day family setting, it is such that the father tries to do much better than his father did and the son tries to do better than his father and grandfather. Such is the story of Kendrick, who started savoring his first success in business when he hawked bar soap from one door to another in a small country town.

When Kendrick dropped out of high school to go into business, he never considered that he would one day need a college diploma to back his claim for success and wealth, and that is how he became a fraud. 30 years back when he was young, the need for education was not as great as it is now and therefore, he did not want his two children to think that education was not important because if their father, their first role model, was already so successful without education, then they too would think that they would make it without completing their education.


How to recognize Degree Scams and Fake Accreditation

There are degree and accreditation mills that leave you with worthless degrees after you paid a lot of money…

Here are some tips to protect yourself

Over the last decades, online colleges have become more and more popular for earning an academic degree. And to be fair, online learning is a great option for students with busy schedules and individuals who are living in remote areas. The advantages are obvious. No long travel times or requirements to spend a lot of time on a college campus, and you can study when and where suits you best.

Numerous students choose to earn their academic degrees from legitimate and respectable online colleges, but there are also quite a few fake diplomae and degree mills that are taking advantage of the situation that an increasing number of students want to earn their degree via online courses.Very often it happens that students don’t recognize these scams, so the question is: What should you do to avoid these scams and how can you prevent yourself from these practices.


American World University – Diploma Mill

00Maxine Klein Asher established ‘American World University’, generally considered to be a diploma mill. She founded the organization in 1990 as a distance learning institution for post-secondary education. Her so-called ‘school’ did not require fluency in English and was awarding credits for students’ life experience as well.

American World University’s student body, estimated at some 7,000 at the time, consisted of over 90 percent foreign students, and tuition fees were varying by country. Most international students were recruited through local administrators who were advertising regionally while getting some 50 percent of the revenue they brought in as a reward for their efforts.


University of Northern New Jersey – Homeland Security Trap

university-of-northern-new-jerseyIn April 2016, the U.S. authorities have arrested 21 individuals that were involved in a fake university student visa scam. The ‘University of Northern New Jersey’ was specifically established to expose student visa scams and 21 suspects were arrested by American immigration authorities.

The “university” came with a Facebook page, its own website, a classic seal with the Latin words ‘Humanus, Scientia, Integritas’, a like-real menu of business degrees, and offered ‘an exceptional education experience’. The ‘university’ address was in Cranford, New Jersey, and was established in 2012.

The detainees are suspected of committing visa fraud and some other offenses after their illegal activities were discovered, but the authorities needed to go at great lengths as they had set up the University of Northern New Jersey, a fake education institution that was established by the U.S. Department of homeland security.


List of WAUC-accredited schools (so watch out!)

diplomamills_thumbWAUC stands for World Association of Universities and Colleges. This scam organization was founded by Maxine Klein Asher in 1993 to make sure that her American World University (a diploma mill that could not get any sort of official accreditation) would get accredited anyway. .

WAUC does NOT hold any sort of recognition by the United States Department of Education, but continues to grant its fake accreditation to a number of (practically all) scam schools, such as Lacrosse University, Columbus University, and Berkeley International University (see below) that are seen as diploma mills by government regulators.

The following schools are listed on the new WAUC website as accredited by the organization:


History of WAUC – Fake Accreditation

article04_image01This website tells a story of WAUC (World Association of Universities and Colleges) and does NOT promote this organization. Make sure you understand the American system and don’t be a victim of the fake accredited organizations. You will find on this website full explanation of the official educational system so make sure to check all details.

WAUC was an organization set up and owned by Maxine Klein Asher (August 15, 1930 – May 19, 2015).
It was the hub of American World University, an unaccredited institution with more than 7,000 students around the globe which was commonly considered to be a diploma mill.

In 1993 she founded the World Association of Universities and Colleges (WAUC), an accrediting service unrecognized by the U.S. Department of Education, that gave its imprimatur to a host of alternative institutions.

Almost every day Columbus University and Lacrosse University, both of which are considered diploma mills by some government regulators, advertised in the back pages of USA Today. In bold type, they tout their accreditation from the association. That made Ms. Asher a central figure in the shadowy world of unaccredited higher education. Also, students getting geared up for the GED exam have become victims of these fraudulent practices. Shame!